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What Is MobileSafePlace™?

MobileSafePlace™ offers cybersecurity protection for your cell phones, tablets, personal data and identity in conjunction with organizations and group membership sponsors. It is powered by LookoutLife, the worldwide leader in mobile device cybersecurity and the same product major cellphone companies offer when purchasing a new service.
By purchasing LookoutLife here, you will receive the benefits that your sponsoring organization has arranged for you in your Redemption Code. Our mission is to make mobile protection simple, easy to understand, and affordable.

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205 Million

Mobile devices
are protected by LookoutLife®

150 Countries

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protected by LookoutLife

170 Million

smartphone Apps
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200 Million

people can monitor their identities
24/7 with LookoutLife

Cyber Protection For Your Mobile Devices

Like most of us, your cell phones, tablets, and the apps on them have become the connection gateway to your cars, homes, bank accounts, credit cards, alarm systems, cameras, home appliances, social media, medical records, business, work and more. That is why it is critical that you keep cyber-criminals from gaining access to your devices and identity; the results could be devastating.
MobileSafePlace™ powered by LookoutLife is your solution.

Everything and everyone important to you are
now on your phone or tablet
and… are at risk.

Learn how MobileSafePlace™
keeps cyber criminals away:

The average person interacts with their cellphone more than 300 times a day, yet most have never thought about putting cyber protection on it.

Your phone has access to everything personal, work and business; and you are at risk.

Let’s get you and your devices protected today!

Every 22 seconds a new identity theft case happens.


80 Percent Of Users Have At Least One Email Exposed On The Dark Web

Source: Lookout Research

About 40 Percent Of Users Can Encounter An Unsafe Link In Their Mobile Device Every Month

Source: Lookout Research

LookoutLife Offers Mobile Security For Everyone

MobileSafePlace™ is designed to protect the cell phones and tablets of you and your family members and small businesses, however, Lookout also offers mobile security for all types of business and government agencies. For more information on other Lookout products please write us at [email protected]

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What Our Customers
Have To Say
About MobileSafePlace™ 


“I love the fact that I can scan the internet anytime I want to with just a tap of my phone to see if any of my information or identity has been compromised on the internet.”


“Hope I never have to use it, but getting my phone to take a picture of the person who stole it when they try to turn it on, emailed to me, with its location, is pretty awesome .”


“When I sat down and took the time to setup Lookout on my phone, there was more value there than I had realized.”

Flight Attendant

“I never thought about putting protection on my phone. I am now very glad I did.”